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Superintendent's Message
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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wendell School District’s official website. It is my hope that this website will be a valuable resource to you.  The district’s goal is to communicate effectively with our valued patrons, community members, and parents. Our district serves approximately 1150 amazing students from preschool to our senior class at Wendell High School.  The district is comprised of three schools:


  1. Wendell Elementary School serving preschool through fourth grade.

  2. Wendell Middle School serving grades five through eight.

  3. Wendell High School encompassing grades nine through twelve.


Each building has a link from this district website, and I encourage you to browse through the information provided for each school. We are proud of the variety of services offered to our valued students including unique academic interventions based upon individual student needs to strong core curriculum to unique elective classes in the secondary schools. Extra curricular activities provide opportunities for sports, drama, and music.

I am more than happy to answer questions and receive thoughtful feedback regarding our school district. You can email me from the Home Page- just go to the District Office link in the center of the Home Page and you can click on an email message that will be sent directly to me.

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Greg M. Lowe